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Announcing our Sponsorship of Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team

Announcing our Sponsorship of Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team

Queen of the Mountains is delighted to announce that they are the 2017 title and clothing sponsors of the newly formed Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team

Les Filles has been racing in the UK for 4 years, making tremendous progress and inspiring women from all over to race and get involved in competitive cycling. 

The team is concentrating on Elite and National level races during the Spring/Summer season, from Criterium, Time Trials and Road races – including the London Nocturne on the 11th of June.

Queen of the Mountains has designed their new racing kit – called Racetangles.

The Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team is the brainchild of Nicole Oh and Alicia Bamford (founder of Queen of the Mountains), who share the goals of premium performance and encouraging greater participation of women in sport.

The partnership is a natural fit to promote awareness of women's cycling and, in turn, encourage more women to take up the sport. Increased participation in racing will build the profile of women's participation in the sport both competitively and recreationally.

Alicia and Nicole are ecstatic about the partnership and what the future holds for the team.


The team members are all incredible athletes in their own right. Their love of the sport and encouragement of others to race is infectious and was a key reason Queen of the Mountains wanted to partner and sponsor the team. These women are incredible ambassadors for women’s cycling. Together, the team want to break down the barriers (or perceived barriers) that preventing women from racing and riding. 

As partners, Les Filles and Queen of the Mountains will organise a social ride in London, open to the public. It will be another forum to encourage women to learn more about racing and training in order to build the sport. Details will be announced on the Queen of the Mountains website,


This year the team welcomes two new faces – Louise Moriarty and Lucy Burgess. Those racing for a number of years with the team are: Tracy Corbett, Delia Beddis, Helen McKay, Louise Mahe, Sophie Curle and Nicole Oh.

They also have a number of rotating members, including Clem Copie (now based in Annecy), Laura Greenhalgh, and Alexie Shaw. Coralie Glaunes and Clare Gillott continue as support crew.

Louise brings a wealth of experience (and sprinting prowess) to the team, having raced for Pro teams on the Continent, as well as racing in World Cups and World Championships on the track and road. She has a number of Irish National titles to her name, as well as winning the Ras na mBan general classification on two occasions.

Lucy has recently moved to London from Bristol, and is keen to test herself in National-level events. She raced with Radeon-Bike Science last year, until an injury cut her season short.


For any team enquiries, please contact Team Manager Nicole Oh at


Twitter: @LesFillesRT

Facebook: LesFillesRT

Instagram: lesfilles_qom_rt

Laura's Dirty Kanza Adventure - Gravel, Grit and Lady Luck

Laura's Dirty Kanza Adventure - Gravel, Grit and Lady Luck

I met Laura on a ride in Hampshire two weeks ago, at a pop up store we had in Fitique, New Arlesford. We got chatting about our ride goals for 2017 and she lightly dropped into the conversation that the following week she was jet setting to the USA to tackle the Dirty Kanza.

What the heck is the Dirty Kanza I asked?!? Well, it is a 200 mile gravel-grinding race in Kansas, the Mid-West. The race commences in the morning before the sun rises and heads across some of the most stunning and open parts of the USA, all on gravel and grit roads. Most riders finish in something between 12-16 hours. 

Laura's longest ride pre-DK was 120 miles (on smooth tarmac), so this was going to be a test for both her mind, body and butt! She had studied the weather, worked with her coach and read many previous race blogs - she knew that the weather (wind and storms) and 'Lady Luck' as she describes, would play a huge part in how her day was going to turn out.

You can read more about Laura's race and how she went here.

All I can say is Laura, you have definitely inspired me to take to the gravel and grit later this year. Chapeau!

Written by Alicia Bamford, images courtesy of Laura Bailey

Laura at the start


A little bike affair: words from Nova Berry

A little bike affair: words from Nova Berry

From pounding the pavement to climbing the Col du Glandon, Nova Berry talks about her new-found love for her bike and the emotional rollercoaster that long rides seem to put you on.

Words by Nova Berry

Nova is a Mum of three beautiful kids and lives in South London. She re-started cycling just two years ago.


If you ask me if I'm a cyclist, I'm very quick to say no. In my heart, I'm a runner, a runner who is cheating on my trainers with a bike :-)  

This little affair of mine has been going on for a couple of years now and as much as I try to stop, my love for it just keeps getting stronger. Funnily enough it all started when my running buddy and I entered the Ride 100 with others from our club and somehow managed to be the only ones to bag ourselves a place.

A few months later dressed in my running kit, riding a particularly noisy, ancient hybrid found in the garage, my training started. In the first month I didn't venture far just in case I needed to ring someone to change my tyre or in case I fell off, but time builds confidence and slowly I discovered the beautiful villages in Surrey and conquered Box Hill, Leith Hill and Newlands Corner.

The event itself was amazing. Riding on closed roads through London and my home town with huge crowds was a privilege. The camaraderie between riders was something you don't experience whilst running a race. Most of the time I can hardly breathe whilst racing, never mind chatting and making friends and I think, that, right there, is what captured my heart.

The emotions felt whilst riding are vast. I've laughed so hard I've nearly wet myself. I've cried out of pain and exhaustion. I've been so frustrated I've nearly thrown my bike across the road. And most irrationally, despite all I've achieved, I've doubted myself and my ability - many a time! But all of these emotions have never been felt alone,  I have always had the support of my cycling buddies. 

To me, the best part has been the friends I have made, the ones that you share your soul with, who see you at your best and worst, who flank you when you need support in that deep dark place and pull you home when you're half dead and the road home seems so long. The ones who you share special memories with, like the sunrise on Col du Glandon or the 'heart in mouth' descent down Alpe d'Huez. Such precious moments that'll be with me forever and inspire me to go further and experience more. 

I could never have imagined where this path has taken me and the beauty that being on the bike reveals to you, but I am so very grateful to be on it and urge anyone contemplating sitting on a saddle to just go for it and enjoy the ride :-) 


Nova (L) all smiles with Queen of the Mountains founder Alicia Bamford

Laura's verdict on the Queen of the Mountains Race Jersey

Laura's verdict on the Queen of the Mountains Race Jersey

So, the Queen of the Mountains Race jersey was an absolute revelation to me.

Having ridden all over the world in all types of conditions for many years I've never actually paid much attention to the details of my kit. Yes, I've always had lots of layers to choose from and yes I tend to only put my backside in Assos shorts on a long ride, but other than that, mountain biking or road riding I always kinda thought a jersey was a jersey! 

Combined with a mesh baselayer I couldn't believe how cool, dry and comfortable I felt all day, climbing in full sun for hours. Mega wicking!

I love the full zip! It made toilet breaks so easy! Unzip, unhook my front fasten bib, and sorted. No carefully hoisting my jersey over my head hoping my carefully packed sandwich doesn't fall out on the toilet floor. And as you know, often mountain toilet stops are rustic at best!!!

The jersey fitted really well. For so long I've just worn men's jerseys' and although they are fine, the extra fabric waving around is just annoying by comparison. This Race jersey felt like a second skin, such amazing light fabric. 

A couple of cooler days in Grand Canaria I reverted to my old Firefly jersey, and was staggered by the difference in my temperature and sweatiness compared to the Race jersey. 

The quality feels excellent and the detailing and finish make me think it will last a long time. Great quality zips, no snagging!  It washed well even in a pretty old washing machine in our villa, came out fresh and new, no stinky bits!

For me, as someone who likes to pack for every eventuality the rear pockets were a little small, but my jacket is a little on the bulky side, lightweight but not the super tiny ones you can buy.  I love the iphone pocket! 

I can't wait to get more of this QoM kit. We are off to Spain in early June so I will definitely be wearing the Race jersey in the heat.  All I need now is a super lightweight sports bra that doesn't dig in with my heart-rate monitor and I'll be set for supreme comfort! (Are you making one of these!?)

Here's a pic of me enjoying your fabulous kit!

Laura x

Note - Laura sent us this email unsolicited and spontaneously after her receiving her Kickstarter Race Jersey. This review was edited for length, however all the words are her own!