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The Art of Layering — Part I

The Art of Layering — Part I

Have you ever been out on a ride and thought that you’re too cold when the breeze picks up or that you’re too hot and sweaty after the sun starts to come out and your legs have warmed up. You can’t seem to get it quite right.

Well, one of the secrets to helping you regulate your body temperature and having the flexibility to deal with the ever-changing elements is the art of layering.

The first step to nailing the art of layering is all about the base! The base layer that is.

Wearing a base layer close to your skin helps to keep your body that bit warmer and can take the edge off when you first step out of the house for a ride, acting as an extra layer of insulation. It is particularly useful during spring and autumn rides as it will provide an added layer of protection against the wind and dips in temperature on long rides.

However, the base layer is most effective when you are working hard during a high intensity ride and are sweating a lot! Yes, we love sweat!

It is here that a mesh base layer comes into it’s own. A lightweight and breathable mesh base layer will wick away your sweat and will transfer it to the next layer of fabric.

Wicking is particularly effective if you combine a mesh base layer with a technical, fast drying jersey. This combination will allow you to sweat buckets and stay dry at the same time, as the sweat is pushed outwards to the jersey fabric and it will evaporate as you zoom along the road.

It is important that when choosing the correct size of base layer that it sits directly against your skin, rather than being baggy or loose. If there is room between your skin and the base layer then it will not be as effective at keeping you dry.

So go get out there, ride and sweat it out!

The Queen of the Mountains base layer is made of a very soft fabric which is breathable and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear underneath your jersey directly against the skin. It comes in a vest shape (sleeveless for summer cycling) with a scooped neckline, smartly placed seams and no scratchy labels. Available in white and for sizes XS to XL.

Race Jersey and Mesh Base Layer