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Winter Kit - Our recommendations on 'key' pieces

Winter Kit - Our recommendations on 'key' pieces

Working out what to wear can be the most difficult part of going for a ride during the autumnal and winter months. But when you do get it right, it feels fantastic!

There are a couple of key things you need to do to be winter-kit ready. The investment will pay off big when you’re perfectly prepared for winter riding. Get the key staple pieces of kit that you can layer over/under and you’ll be sorted for the whole winter. Quality garments with the right features will last for 2-3 seasons at a minimum!

Here’s what we recommend:

  • A thermal jacket which is wind-proof and water resistant. You should be able to layer up or down under the jacket with a thermal base layer and/or cycling jersey, so allow for layers when choosing the size. Our Winter Thermal jacket is just the ticket – it can act like a long-sleeve jersey or a softshell, keeping the elements out (particularly the wind!) 
  • Thermal bib-tights. When we say thermal, we mean tights that have a soft brushed lycra on the inside (called Roubaix). This type of fabric will keep your legs warm, particularly your butt, thighs and lower back which can get very cold on longer rides. Our Thermal winter bib-tights zip right up to your chest to keep your front toasty, too.
  • Protection for your extremities. Quality winter gloves, merino wool socks, winter booties (i.e. overshoes) which keep the wind and rain out, a neck warmer (buff), and winter hat. Your fingers, feet and ears are particularly sensitive to the cold.

Getting your bike ready to roll during the winter months is also important. Make sure you’ve got bike lights — both front and back — so you can be seen in the low-light conditions. Consider using mudguards to protect your butt and the rest of your bike from the grit, mud, and dirt that will spray up from the road during the winter season. We also recommend using tyres with greater grip and tread which will allow more traction and help you stick to the road, particularly helpful when the roads are wet and greasy.

Follow these tips and ensuring you’re warm and ready can mean the difference between having a great ride and having the worst ride ever. Don’t let the cold keep you from climbing!

Our winter Col de l'Iseran collection can be viewed HERE.