This is an Audax-style 200 mile ride out of London and back.

We will start before dawn and make a loop out to the East coast and back into London.

This is truly an Audax style ride. It is not supported or guided, you will be on out on the road with your friends and mates if you choose to get a little gang together. Which we highly recommend!

You will need to carry all of your own supplies (spares, nutrition etc) and the route (GPS and perhaps a hard copy map). We will provide a GPS file and suggest cafes and food stops along the way.

The beauty of this adventure is that it is all up to you! Planning is key as well as the inner strength to ride this length of distance.

Go on, grab your buddies and sign up! It is going to be a mighty adventure and test of both body and mind.

Who's up for a beast of a day!?
Sign up here and details will be emailed to you.