As part of our launch at the beginning of 2016 we funded our first production with Kickstarter. We had 30 days to raise a minimum amount money through customers (or ‘Backers’) pledging funds for different items and bundles from our Mont Ventoux Spring/Summer cycling collection.

We unbelievably exceeded our funding target within 10 days of the project going live and as part of the choice of customer pledges there were Backers who were named as our ‘Founders’.  Here is the list of these wonderful people, who believed in our vision and who wanted to support us.

To these people and the other 134 Backers, we are eternally grateful for your support.

Our Founding Members are:

Andy Helme
Ben ‘Mountain’ Mann
Ed Mitchell
Evonne Okafor
Jan McNamara

Jason Png
Kristina Vouros
Leslie Muller
Linda Sharp
Marco van den Hout

MayAna Creatives
Nick Corker
Phil Keel
Susan Cusak